Location & Arrival

The special charme of Nature Village is its location away from the all-inclusive hotel regions, which ends about 30km before Olympos. This gives you the opportunity to make an excursion to Kemer, whereas package holidaymakers rarely find their way into our valley.

Destination Airport

To get to us the destination airport is Antalya International Airport (AYT). It is about 100km away from Olympos. The road there is very well developed.

Rental Car

Due to the mentioned seclusion, it is advisable to rent a car. The route from the airport to Olympos leads over the very well-developed bypass of Antalya and then always along the coast. The route is very easy to find and well signposted. At the beginning there are only two places along the way, where you have to turn, before you reach the turnoff to Olympos, so that even without a navigation assistant you have a relaxed journey.

The car rental company SIXT makes it possible to order a car that is delivered directly to Antalya airport and can also be returned there. Prices start from 15 to 25 € per day. Details can be found on the corresponding homepage.

Organized Airport Transfer

Alternatively, Nature Village can also organise a transfer. For this our subcontractor charges 60€ for a transfer of 1-2 persons per tour; for a group transfer of 3 persons or more 25€ per person/tour will be charged. For the organisation of a transfer, the exact travel dates are absolutely necessary.

Our Location

The coordinates of Nature Village are as follows: Latitude: 36°23’21.04″N ; Longitude: 30°26’44.36″E

We are located right before the valley to Olympos.