Our bungalows made of cedar wood

Our bungalows are carpentered from real cedar wood, stonewalled with natural stone and covered with goat hair – this is how we present our eight bungalows to our environmentally-minded guests. Supplied with energy by our own photovoltaic system we offer a perfect temperature-regulation in the summer and in the wintertime –- this is pure “nature-comfort”!

Through the windows of the floor-to-ceiling doors you can let your eye pass directly into the unspoiled nature: old olive trees, blooming flowers -– for each time of the year the nature offers you a unique picture.

Two (maximal three) guests can find place in a spacious bungalow with the fresh scent of cedar wood – everything that matters for a comfortable residence in the nature: beautiful and simply designed wooden furniture, comfortable and healthy beds/mattresses, a modern bathroom and an overwhelming view into the wonderful surrounding.

In the middle of nature connected with the whole world

All bungalows offer free W-LAN access. Especially our conference and training participants appreciate the technical comfort – to be connected with the whole world in the middle of nature.

All over the resort circles can be found – the bungalows are circularly ordered around the central fire-circle; even the festivity tent is a circle – what’s the underlying idea of that?

As a group- and education provider we place the essence of community in the foreground. On a round table – on which all places are equal – may the “spirit of a group” and not claims to power of an individual – characterize style and atmosphere of the resort.

Our bathrooms:

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